Eneza Bulk SMS Solution

Eneza Bulk SMS Solution

EnezaTM Bulk SMS Web platform enables you to contact your staff, customers and members of the public via cheap & quick SMS messages from any corner of the world by.
  • Sending SMS Notifications
  • SMS call-to-actions
  • Season’s Greetings & Goodwill Messages
  • Marketing goods and services
  • Client feedback channel

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FileMan Digital Document Manager

FileMan Digital Document Manager

FileManTM is a robust, scalable, centrally managed and secure file management system to enable organisations digitize all their hardcopy staff, client and business transaction documents such as contracts, cheques, invoices by scanning and uploading to a cloud or intranet server for access by authorized personnel only. This helps to:

  • have a digital copy of all its files and documents in a secure storage facility
  • control and track access to sensitive documents via a privilege-based access control system to files
  • speed up search and retrieval of organizational and customer files, speeding up business processes
  • ensure business transaction context continuation in case member of staff in charge is not available
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Ventes Mobile Sales Tracker

Ventes Mobile Sales Tracker

Ventes Mobile Sales Tracker is a mobile sales force app that runs on most smartphones to enable sales personnel capture sales data in the field and send it to a central location for real time analysis and report generation.Benefits accrued by the organisation include;

  • faster turnaround time to process business transactions
  • SMS reporting from the field enables sales personnel to cover more ground
  • real time analysis and reports enable management make more informed decisions
  • increased staff morale, customer satisfaction and profit margins
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Utafiti SMS Survey Platform

Utafiti SMS Survey Platform

Utafiti is a revolutionary new way to carry out your market research or collect field data in areas with low connectivity such as Africa. All you need is to setup a survey,assign a unique keyword, populate with questions of type multiple choice, scale or plain text answer and publish the survey via an SMS shortcode. The public need only send the survey's keyword to activate the survey and respond via SMS. One can also broadcast it to a private contact list of respondents. Advantages of using Utafiti are:
  • SMS/USSD coverage is high hence easy to deploy
  • Convenient and easy to use for field operations
  • Real time analysis and report generation
  • Web based and supports multiple languages hence scalable

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Fleet and Transport Management System

Fleet and Transport Management System

BTI Millman Ltd. is a company that prides itself in providing relevant, innovative and customized software solutions for various industries. One of our ground breaking innovations is the Fleet & Transport Management Solution (FTMS) that is geared towards enhancing the day to day management of companies that have fleet sections.Automation is critical to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in the overall management and operations of transport divisions.FTMS empowers and adds value to your transport division by giving it the tools it needs to:

  • Manage clients
  • Manage operations
  • Manage & monitor financial performance
  • Manage supply chain.

In our continued endeavour to develop world class software, we have partnered with the leading Dutch IT provider Competa Group under the new Fair Trade Software model of co-development using the latest project management and programming methodologies such as Scrum and Agile to ensure timely delivery of redundantly robust, modularly scalable and highly secure enterprise-grade software solutions for the regional and global markets.

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Solutions overview Summary of the solutions we offer.

  • Feature 4

    Custom web Apps.

    We develop custom web application which ranges from web-based ERP, POS, CRM systems to dynamic data-driven websites. Web apps are easily scalable across a business remote branch network but allow easy central administration of users and data from the head office. All our cloud-based web apps come with a private RESTfull API to allow third-party app integrations

  • Feature 1

    Andriod & iPhone Apps

    With the increased use of smartphone technology,more firms are finding it imperative to sell their products and/or services and avails business information to the public via downloadable apps. Our mobile apps dev team will build the app for your firm and host it on the popular app stores such as Safaricom App Store, Google Play and Apple Store.

  • Feature 2

    SMS & USSD Solutions

    SMS and USSD technologies are the most convenient and cost effective means of reaching the African masses where people predominantly own low end phones. Our SMS and USSD apps have been used to disseminate anti-malaria campaign information in Ghana and Ethiopia to election observation data in Kenya General Elections.

  • Feature 3

    Round the clock support

    At BTI Millman Ltd, we pride ourselves in the high quality of softwares we develop that have uptime and service availability of more than 99%.However in case of maintenance or upgrade, we are always on call 24/7 for on-site or remote help via our support ticket system and standby support call center.

Clients Testimonials 99% of our clients recommend us!

The services were just awesome and the support incredible. We are completely satisfied.

Keziah Waweru Keziah Waweru /Program Manager at IRI

Thank you very much for the great service you have offered to us. We look forward to a prolonged business relationship moving forward.

Naomi Naomi /Business Developer

We were amazed at the dedication and skills the BTI team put in the realization of our online jobs portal www.crowdsourceafrica.com/. I recommend these guys for tailor-made cloud apps. Kudos!

Ralph Jerry Ralph Jerry /C.E.O, Crowdsourceafrica.com

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